A to Z Sports Infra deals in a wide range of Sports Vinyl and PVC Flooring all across India. Our Vinyl /PVC Flooring product range can be used gymnasium, indoor badminton court, basketball court, multi-purpose sports facility, fitness centers, kinder garden, schools, dance academy, etc.
Our Vinyl flooring of the highest quality brings together excellent performance, comfort, and safety for the users & players, reducing their injuries and bettering their game performance.


Usage of Vinyl Flooring :

Multi-purpose indoor facilities Vinyl Flooring

Indoor Basketball Vinyl Flooring

Indoor Volleyball Vinyl Flooring

Indoor Badminton Vinyl Flooring

Dance Vinyl Flooring

Table Tennis Vinyl Flooring 

Yoga/Meditation Vinyl Flooring

Children Play area Vinyl Flooring

Why us

Wide range of Size Availability from 4MM-10MM

Highly Durable and perfectly finished Installations

Quick PVC installations

Customizable Designs

BWF, IHF and FIBA Certified Products

Wide Solid trendy colors and Wood finished options

Designed to take Abbreviation and Shock

On-call Services

Product always in stock, so quick deliveries are possible

5 Years – 10 Years Warranty on Products

Easy to Maintain Vinyl Surface

Antibacterial and Antifungal PVC Surface

Our PCV flooring solutions can be customized on the base customer’s requirements. The PVC Flooring offered by our company matches the international standards and installations across India.
BWF, IHF, and FIBA Certified Sports Vinyl PVC Flooring are highly durable and perfectly finished and suited for sports facilities that can match sports performance with optimal safety and comfort.
Vinyl Flooring provides the necessary grip required to enhance the game experience at the highest level. Our supreme vinyl base is designed to take the abrasions and the shock.
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