cricket turf

A to Z Sports Supplies and Installs the best of Artificial Cricket Turf also called Box Cricket Turf all across India. We have extensive experience in the Construction, Installation, and Maintainance of Artificial Cricket Turf/ Artificial Cricket Grass and Mini Sports Installations such as Artificial Cricket Pitch /Astroturf Cricket/Box Cricket ground. We have the knowledge and skills to advise you on the best of Artificial Cricket Grass and Installing Synthetic Cricket Turf at your specified location.

Artificial Cricket Turf Grass Specification 

Pile Height 10MM- 19MM
Grass Type Infill / Non-Infill Turf

8000 – 18000 [+-10%]
Grass Backing Coating
3 Layer PU Backing / Latex
Stich Rate 170 / 10M [+-3%]
Density/Roll Size 9000-12000 / 2*25M / 4*25M / 4*20M
Ball Bounce Rate High

Warranty 2 – 5 Years


The Price of Synthetic Cricket Turf Grass starts from Rs.40 Per/Sft. Our Artificial Cricket Turf comes both with infills and without infills that require minimum maintenance depending on the Cricket Turf and the Artificial Cricket Grass price that is demanded by the customer’s requirements. We deal in a wide range of Multiple Cricket Turf Carpet Grass Colors although green is the standard color used.

Our Synthetic Cricket Grass Features & Standouts

3x Durability Cricket GrassHigher Bounce Rate
Wide Range of Pile HeightAll Season Cricket Turf
No Water /Soil/ FertilizersNo Daily Maintenance Cost
Certified Products Expert Installations Team
Natural Feel Grass With High ResilienceUV Protected Cricket Grass
High-Density Cricket Turf Wide Price Range Cricket Turf
Multi-Sport Usage Artificial Grass Anti Skid Cricket Turfs

Box Cricket Arena

Our Synthetic Cricket Turf can be installed on any hard surfaces be it a Rooftop/ Backyard /PlayGround/ Schools/ Societies etc.

Artificial Cricket Practice Turf

With our Artificial Cricket Grass, players can now confidently dive, slide or practice any fielding, bowling, or batting technique without any fear of injuries. We deal in a different range of Artificial cricket turf prices meeting every client’s requirements in mind. To know Cricket Turf Prices in India and other details Contact us now.