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Artificial sports turfs are hardy and are best for football, baseball, soccer, and badminton practices and tournaments. There are so many sports turf suppliers in Mumbai who offer a wide range of turfs at different prices. But many people ask why they need to use synthetic turf ?

Guide for you to understand why artificial turf is better than natural turf : sports turf suppliers in Mumbai

  1. Can Artificial Sports Turf Can used In Different Weathers?

Unlike natural grasses, artificial turfs condition remains same despite the weather. Rainy seasons don’t transform the turf into sludge piles. Even rainfalls have zero effects on the artificial sports field because it features all-weather properties, making the turf ideal for every season.

  1. How Much Can Synthetic Turf Endure?

Natural grasses can withstand approx. One hundred hours of use, whereas artificial turf can sustain over 500 hours. The artificial sports turf is manufactured to endure heavy use and it takes minimum recovery time between games. Natural turf requires a long period of rest but synthetic grasses rarely require respites. Hence, large tournaments can be scheduled at any time if the ground is covered with synthetic sports turf.

  1. Do Artificial Turf Require Maintenance?

Yes, Artificial turf requires minimal maintenance and can be last up to seven to eight years. The basic maintenance tasks require for sports turf include watering and brushing. It also requires fertilizing to control pests.

  1. Do Synthetic Grasses Require Cleaning?

Cleaning is essential for synthetic sports turf as players spit gums, sweat and introduce dirt to the grass. Also, sports drinks spill all over the synthetic field. So, it is necessary to clean the turfs regularly to ensure their maximum lifespan.

  1. How Does Sports Turf Promote fair Play?

Artificial sports turf is manufactured for consistency. Their consistent textures and evenness throughout the turf make sure that each player’s footing is uniform, whether adjacent to the goal line or around the 15-yard line.

  1. Are Synthetic Grasses Environment Friendly?

Artificial turfs require a minimal quantity of harmful pesticides and fertilizers for maintenance, so these fields are considered safe for the environment. These turfs require no mowing, so lethal pollutants are not released or produced into the atmosphere.

  1. Does Heat Affect Artificial Turfs?

Artificial turfs retain heat from direct sunlight and the surface can soar to levels above, which is typical for natural fields. Watering the artificial field helps to provide a cooling effect.

  1. What is the Injury Rate on Synthetic Field?

The risks for injuries on artificial turfs are the same as natural grass. Injury rates for MCL tears, ankle sprains, fractures, and concussions occur as frequently on synthetic fields as on the natural field.

  1. How Cost-Effective Are Artificial Fields?

Considering the minimal requirements for chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, and low maintenance as well as minimum mowing and watering, synthetic fields are cheaper than natural turf. The initial buying price for artificial sports turf is high but over 3-4 years, they pay for themselves.

  1. Do Artificial Grass Fades?

Fibre in artificial turfs gradually fade after exposure to direct sunlight. However, these turfs are UV stabilised, preventing them from fading for few years.