Sports Artificial Grass Suppliers in India | Dealer & Manufacturer

Sports artificial grass suppliers india provide a variety of artificial turfs and configurations for sports fields. The Indian companies have a vast collection of the most advanced and long-lasting sports artificial turf grass options to décor your dream sports field. Indian suppliers begin the artificial grass installation after gathering knowledge about how you plan to use the field, your budget, it is an outdoor or indoor field, what type of surface would be best and more.

Indian suppliers have supplied several colleges, universities, municipalities, and school districts with artificial grass for use in in-house fields. The sports artificial grasses provided by Indian suppliers are durable, safe, and dependable. These artificial turf grass surfaces are perfect for fields like –

  • Multi-purpose field
  • Baseball field
  • Soccer field
  • Football field
  • Hockey fields
  • Bocce courts
  • Croquet courts

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Sports Artificial Grass ? Sports Artificial Grass Suppliers in India

Nowadays, most sports are played on artificial turf surfaces instead of natural grass. Here you will get to know the advantages and disadvantages of the artificial turf grass surface.

Advantages of Artificial Sports Turf

  1. Synthetic grass surfaces look aesthetically pleasing in different weather conditions. The weather condition doesn’t directly impact the appearance of the grass, so it will stay green, neat and clean for many years.
  2. It doesn’t require much maintenance or doesn’t need to be watered, fertilized or mowed like natural grass.
  3. The artificial grass doesn’t require rest like real grass. Many teams face issues during the rainy season while playing on the natural grass because of the muddy surface. But with artificial grass, players don’t have to face any problems, even on a rainy day. Even during the spring, players don’t have to deal with wilted grass.
  4. In the heat, synthetic grass would not die or become dehydrated like real grass.
  5. Artificial grass offers a wide range of colour, density, length, texture, design, yarn, and pile options so that you can customize it according to your field requirements.
  6. If installed properly, artificial turf has outstanding drainage properties when it rains and the surface will dry quickly compared to the natural grass.
  7. Synthetic grass is UV stabilized to prevent direct sunlight so it will not fade or dis colour in the sun and will uphold its bright green colour.
  8. These grasses are child friendly as it is soft and cushioned so perfect for playing on. Many schools have installed artificial turf surfaces to create a safe and clean environment for kid to play and learn in an outdoor field.
  9. Artificial grasses are not susceptible to lawn diseases, flooding or drought like natural grass.

Disadvantages of Artificial Sports Turf

  1. It takes lots of time for installation than the natural grass because of the process of fitting it.
  2. The downside of artificial grass is made of plastic; that’s why it captures heat faster than natural grass; however, this grass shouldn’t cause any burns.