Artificial Cricket Turf Suppliers in India

Cricket turf suppliers in India are increasingly receiving offers from schools, professional sports organizations, colleges, etc., for the installation of synthetic turf athletic fields. Artificial turfs were earlier popular with games like football, tennis, etc., but has lately become popular with cricket too. Here is everything you must know about artificial cricket turf before buying one.

What is artificial cricket turf Suppliers in India ?

Artificial turf is simply a central strip of field between the wickets on which the main cricket match is played. Real grass can be difficult to maintain, considering the climate and water supply, which is never the same through the year. There is a lot of maintenance that goes into maintaining a cricket pitch. However, artificial cricket turf gives you the freedom to get a clean and green pitch to play cricket throughout the year.

Some Features and Advantages of Artificial Cricket Turf

Here are some features and/or benefits of installing a synthetic cricket turf to play/practice cricket.

  • Provides an even and consistent playing surface to the players. Cricket enthusiasts can play cricket throughout the year without having to worry about affect of seasons on the pitch.
  • It dries really quick in the rains, giving the players more hours to practice/play. Sunlight and heat don’t cause it to crumble.
  • Synthetic cricket turfs are easy to maintain and clean when compared to natural grass pitches that takes time to grow, mow, roll and level. Artificial cricket turfs, when maintained regularly, can last for years. However, the maintenance is hassle-free and easy. They usually come with easy-to-follow instructions/guides that can be followed easily, promoting longevity to the turf.
  • They are highly durable because they are made with sturdy material and are resilient to sports abuse. It can be installed for various playing situations, such as in the nets or match play.
  • Artificial turfs are non-slip and stable. The bowlers can easily practice at their speed or pace without having to sustain injuries. Their bowling patterns also become consistent. Batsmen, on the other hand, can bat more confidently and develop their batting skills.
  • These cricket turfs provide consistent ball bounce and pace for the ball.

Artificial Cricket Turf is the Future !

Both recreational and expert cricket players have interesting things to say about artificial cricket turf. The dampness of regular grass pitches is known to affect the bounce of the ball, and in general damp or wet grass pitches can cancel or delay cricket matches. An artificial cricket turf is designed to fight the climate and drain quickly when affected by rains. Twisted ankles are common in cricket players and are caused by divots formed in grass pitches. No-crumb rubber cricket turf gives causes fewer injuries and can be merciful to the players when sliding, diving, or running. Synthetic turf lets you play the game without any hindrances making it much more enjoyable.

Go through the above benefits of a synthetic cricket turf and then get with Cricket turf suppliers in India to install one for your sports organization.