Artificial Sports Turf Installers in India

All artificial sports turf installers in India, will agree to the fact that artificial turfs should be replaced after 8-10 years. Although there are schools or sports facilities that continue playing on their old turfs but to ensure safety and good performance of the players, they must be replaced after the said years. So, how does one understand that artificial sports turf requires to be replaced? There are some signs that will be clearly visible, revealing that it is time for a new surface.

Here are some on-site evaluations that artificial sports turf installers suggest you to follow | artificial sports turf installers in India

  1. Poor Drainage – If there is ponding or slow drainage after a rainfall, it is an indication that the surface needs to be replaced and the subbase needs to be fixed too.
  2. Visible Seams and Lines – With time, the stitching or the glue that holds the turfs together tends to lose its sturdiness. You will find panels pulling away from one another.
  3. Infill Measurements – With years of usage, it is natural that some infill migrates to the field. The athletes, heavy rainfall, maintenance session, and certain other events held on the field also cause the infill to migrate. Low infill levels can be dangerous, especially if it goes below 20 mm. Although you can replace the infills, most consider replacing the turfs altogether (after comparing the costs)
  4. Matted Surface Look – Artificial turfs always remain exposed to UV rays. It is one of the major causes of aging in synthetic turfs. Although the turfs come with UV stabilizers, but after they have been consumed, the infill and fibres tend to get loose. The colour tends to fade away and the performance of the turf goes down. When a turf looks heavily matted down, then it is an indication that the turf needs to be replaced.
  5. Infill Compaction – Infills are similar to soil, and like them, they will also compact. Poorly maintained turfs will cause the surface to get hard and harm the athletes. Upon walking on the field, the surface below will be extraordinarily hard. You must get a surface hardness test done to check if the infill has been compacted.

What are the Replacement Options?

For many, the subbase is usually in good condition, and just the turf requires to be replaced. The cost for just replacing the turf will be lesser than what it cost you when you first had it installed. For some, the infill may require recycling. With some maintenance and cleaning, the infill can be effectively used in the field. The process saves you cost and is also great for the environment.

If your synthetic sports turf shows the above signs, then it may require to be replaced. However, you must get in touch with good artificial sports turf installers in India and request them for an evaluation of the turf to make sure the turf needs to be replaced. At times, maintenance and cover-ups also tend to work and save you money.